Townies Gain Skills for Sims 4

Townies Gain Skills for Sims 4
Townies Gain Skills for Sims 4


Sul-sul! Here’s a utilitarian mod that fixes the problem of Townies not gaining skills when left unplayed. This mod is Base Game Compatible.


  • All unplayed households will gain skills over time.
  • Sims will be more likely to gain skills that help them with their chosen careers, align with their personality traits, or liked activities.
  • Geniuses gain skills faster than other Sims.
  • All pack skills are included except Batuu – but your Sims will not gain skills for packs you do not own.

Config File: Enable or disable skill gain individually by using the included config file. Open it in any text editor and change the skill to “False” to disable it.


  • There are three versions of this mod: slow, medium, and fast. You can only have one version in your game at a time.
  • Slow will give Townies one skill point every week, medium awards three skill points per week, and fast is one skill point per day.

Notes: As a warning to rotational players, this mod will affect all households except the one currently being played, even if the Sims were previously played at some point. This mod only recognizes in-game careers and skills.

Author: JaneSimsten

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