The Hobby Mod for Sims 4

The Hobby Mod for The Sims 4
The Hobby Mod for Sims 4


Compatible with Patch 1.75

Change Log:
~ June 18th 2021 ~ Added Polish translation.
~ June 17th 2021 ~ Added Russian translation.

After the success of The Personality Mod, I set about creating something similar but a little different. That something is The Hobby Mod.

You Will Need:
Scumbumbo’s XML Injector ~ This makes the traits show up in the reward store. Don’t worry; the XML Injector doesn’t add anything to your game, it just allows this mod to work as intended.

What Does It Do?
The Hobby Mod adds 10 reward traits to the Reward Store. Each of these traits are inspired by the ten Hobby Tracks from Sims 2 Freetime: Arts and Crafts, Cuisine, Film and Literature, Fitness, Games, Music and Dance, Nature, Science, Sports and Tinkering. Each trait costs 5 Satisfaction Points.
Additionally, each trait can be added via an interaction, found under the Actions menu.

Each trait has it’s own set of Whims and those whims are directly inspired by the Hobby track. They will act as a guide for the things your Sim wants to do, relating to their hobby.
For example, a Sim with a Nature hobby may wish to garden; a Sim with a Science hobby may wish to use a telescope and a Sim with Music and Dance hobby may wish to visit a nightclub.
The traits do not have any Buffs or interactions associated with them; just whims.

The Whims
Right now, each trait has a collection of Maxis whims attached: I have plans to include many custom whims for each trait in a series of updates.

The Technical Details
This Mod Is Base Game Compatible. You’ll See Additional Whims If You Have The Following Packs Installed:

Get To Work
Get Together
City Living
Get Famous

Outdoor Retreat
Dine Out
Spa Day
Cool Kitchen Stuff
Kids Room Stuff
Bowling Night Stuff
Fitness Stuff
Laundry Stuff

The Mod Currently Supports The Following Translations:
English (Me)
Polish (Julia)
Russian (Origamika Group)

Known Issues
No known issues at this time.

This mod doesn’t conflict with any other mods at this time.

Planned Updates
In The Future, I Plan A Few Updates For The Mod:

✔ Custom Whims: These will come in groups for each trait so watch this space.
✔ Randomize Hobby Interaction: Will allow you to randomly select a hobby for your Sim.
✔ Interactions: More interactions to discuss hobbies and learn about other Sim’s hobbies.

Authors: missyhissy
Scumbumbo for creating the XML Injector and Triplis for updating and maintaining it.
Zerbu for the Mod Constructor
The creators of Sims 4 Studio
Origamika And Julia For Translating!

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