Spellbook Injector V2 for SIMS4

Spellbook Injector V2 for The Sims 4
Spellbook Injector V2 for Sims 4


This mod was originally developed and released by user r3m, and is required by many custom spell mods. However, it began to throw exceptions some time ago, and r3m apparently hasn’t been logged in since late 2019. Since I liked this mod, and the many custom spells that rely on it, I decided to fix the errors that users have been experiencing with it.

Here’s most of the original description of this mod from r3m’s posting, since I can’t improve on it, updated for V2.

Mod Overview
The Spellbook Injector Is A Utility Mod That Loads Custom Spells Into The Game. These Spells Won’t Override Any EAxian Tuning, Which Ensures That Creations From Different Modders Will Be Compatible!

If you’re a modder interested in making new spells for Spellcasters, then this is for you! The Spellbook Injector will take care of all the scripting required to inject a new spell, so you don’t have to worry about maintaining a Python script. Instead you can focus on the tuning of you spell. For more details and documentation about developing your own spells, see r3m’s original posting.

Below Is A List Of What The Spellbook Injector (V2) Actually Does:
injects spells developed by modders to the spellbook
Allows Injected Spells To Be Learned Randomly Through One Of The Following Interactions:
— “Ask to Teach Spell”
— “Duel for Knowledge”
— “Practice Magic”
–makes custom magic tomes purchaseable in Caster’s Alley’s market stall- (This feature is currently disabled)
makes custom magic tomes findable through the “Search for Tomes” interaction
unlocks custom spells for newly generated Sages
allows injection of potential outcomes that result from the Curse of Scrambled Spells
allows injection of interactions that are exclusive to spellcasters

Installation & Testing
If you had previously installed the original version of the Spellbook Injector, remove it before installing this version.

Spellbook_Injector_V2.zip is the main download meant for users. It contains 2 files, which must go (no deeper than one 1 folder) inside your “Mods” folder.

Version 2 Notes
This fix is compatible with all spells that were written for V1 of the Spellbook Injector, as the changes I made to fix it were fairly minor. There is one bit of functionality that has been disabled for the time being: making custom magic tomes purchasable from Caster’s Alley in the Magic Realm. Many users reported issues with being able to buy anything a the RoM market stalls while V1 of this mod was installed, so I disabled that for now.

TO ENSURE CONTINUE SUPPORT OF THIS MOD I have included the current Python source code within the .ts4script archive. If I vanish too, hopefully, another modder can pick it back up and continue supporting it. This mod lets us do some cool things, and we should try to keep it around.

Authors: Simsonian Library

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