Simmerjohn’s Teen Aspirations for Sims 4

Simmerjohn’s Teen Aspirations for The Sims 4
Simmerjohn’s Teen Aspirations for Sims 4


If you are anything like me, you need more things for your Teens to… do… and, you know… aspire to. For that reason: Enter, the Teen Aspiration Set! This Mod adds 14 Teen-specific Aspirations to your game. (And the list is ever-growing!)

Presently, This Mod Adds The Following Aspirations And Features To Your Game:

Academic Aspirations
Academic Scholar: This Sim Wants To Earn A Full Ride Scholarship To University!
Straight-A Student: This Sim wants to get an A in High School.
University Bound: These Sims Are Determined To Get Into University — And A Distinguished Program!
Valedictorian: These Sims Want To Become Valedictorian! To Do This, This Sim Will Need To Be A Grade A Student, Go To School In A Good Mood, And Have Some Luck!

Social Aspirations
In Crowd: This Sim Wants To Be Part Of The In Crowd At School!
School Flirt: This Sim Wants To Flirt With Lots Of Different Sims At School!
Social Media Socialite: This Sim Wants To Become Social Media Famous!
Teen Heartbreaker: This Sim Wants To Have A Busy Romance Life!
High School Sweetheart: This Sim Wants To Find A Long-lasting, Romantic Relationship… The One!

Lifestyle Aspirations
Future Philanthropist: This Sim Wants To Spend A Lot Of Time Volunteering!
Mischief Maker: This Sim Wants To Spend The Teen Years Being As Mischievous As Possible!
Passionseeker: This Sim Wants To Master A Skill While Still A Teen!
Teen Moneymaker: This Sim Wants To Earn $10,000 While Still A Teen!

Student-Athlete: This Sim Wants To Become Team Captain And Earn A Scholarship To University!

New Afterschool Activities
High School Athlete: This Afterschool Activity is required to complete the Student-Athlete Aspiration and focuses on building the Fitness Skill. Modeled after the Soccer Play Afterschool Activity.

Currently In Development:
Student Body President (Aspiration)
Student Government Afterschool Activity
Ultimate Gamer

These Aspirations are modeled at TS2’s Lifetime Wants, in that each Aspiration just has one Objective Set with one end-goal in mind. (Well, technically, these Aspirations have two… but the first Objective for each Aspiration is just “Be a Teen.”) These Aspirations also include their own CAS Category: Teen Years (the CAS picture didn’t save).

If you are a Whims-style player like myself, each of these Aspirations includes Whims related to their end goal. Sim autonomy is also controlled by their Aspiration, so Sims will *actually* work toward their goals without being directed.

I Am Still Updating These Aspirations And Plan On Adding New Features In The Future. Up Until Now, These Have Just Been In My Game, But I Figured I’d Share With The MTS Community! Planned Features Include:

Custom Reward Traits
Custom CAS Aspiration Traits
Custom Interactions

(Some of these Aspirations already include these elements. I’ve been updating as necessary for my gameplay, but would be happy to update features faster if you all like this Mod!)

While this Mod is fully Base-Game Compatible and will show up in your game without any Expansion Packs, some Aspirations do require Expansion and Game Packs to complete, primarily Discover University for some Academic Goals.
Though the High School Athlete Afterschool Activity is based on Discover University’s Soccer Player activity, Discover University is not required for the High School Athlete Afterschool Activity to work properly.

If You Find Any Bugs Or Glitches, Or Just Weird Things About The Aspiration In General, Let Me Know So I Can Fix It!
Have An Idea For An Aspiration? I’d Love To Hear It! Drop It In The Comments For Me, And I’ll Take A Look!

Author: SimmerJohn_

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6 thoughts on “Simmerjohn’s Teen Aspirations”

  1. Hello! sorry to bother but i’m having an issue where I downloaded the mod, and I put it in my mods folder, though it’s showing in my mods folder, when I open up the Sims4 game where it usually shows all of my mods and CC, it isn’t showing this one. And when I try to add aspirations specifically from this mod nothing shows up from you. Thank you, -Regan.

    1. Sorry, I figured it out now and don’t know how to delete the comment x’D Thanks for this AWESOME MOD 😀

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