Memorable Events Mod for Sims 4

Memorable Events Mod for The Sims 4
Memorable Events Mod for Sims 4


This mod adds over 40 social events to your game.

These events are really good for creating memories, telling your stories, creating drama, or just simply having fun.

Important: You must goal the event if you want gifts, memories, and extra social interactions.

How do you get memories?
You have to goal the event and get gold. It will give you a 1-2 day memory moodlet/buff which will include social interactions based around that event. For example, a sim that completed a protest will be able to talk about the protest until the moodlet/buff expires.

What if you don’t goal the event?
Your sim won’t get the memory or the social interactions that come with it. However, sims will still act like they are supposed to during the event.



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