Ingame Gender Transition Mod for SIMS4

Ingame Gender Transition Mod for The Sims 4
Ingame Gender Transition Mod for Sims 4

A mod that lets transgender sims transition, so you can play a trans sim birth to death realistically without having to cheat to change their gender! This mod currently comes in three different versions which you choose one of. All versions come with the interactions “Get Top Surgery”, which changes your sim’s gender, and “Get Bottom Surgery”, which changes whether they can get pregnant or get others pregnant.

Version 1 comes with the interaction “Go to Voice Training” which changes your sim’s voice between the three “feminine” voices and the three “masculine” voices. It also comes with the interaction “Take Hormones” which switches a sim’s frame between masculine and feminine.

Version 2 keeps the “Go to Voice Training” interaction, but the “Take Hormones” interaction, when done by a sim transitioning FtM, also changes their voice.

Version 3 does not contain the “Go to Voice Training” interaction, but the “Take Hormones” interaction works the same as version 2.

I recommend you stay in control of the sim doing these interactions when they start and end, otherwise they might not work right. This mod doesn’t require any DLC. If you have any feedback, I’d love to see it in the comments, and hopefully I’ll be able to make changes if anyone requests them.

Author: Meep62



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2 thoughts on “Ingame Gender Transition Mod”

  1. This changed the gender of my sim’s mother as well… Solidarity is great, but I wasn’t exactly planning on my tran sim’s mother transitioning as well x’D

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