Tourism Career for Sims 4

Tourism Career for The Sims 4
Tourism Career for Sims 4


For the longest time I’ve wanted a career for Travel and Tourism so I finally made one! This career has three branches: Travel Agent, Leisure Activity Coordinator and Tour Operations.

Helping sims all over the world to enhance their lives, tourism provides unique experiences for sims; generating revenue for the location and providing sims with new memories. Jump into the growing world of tourism and become an agent in providing incredible experiences to sims everywhere.

Career Details
All levels and branches.
Main Branch
Level 1 – Trainee
Level 2 – Package Sales
Level 3 – Information Centre Employee

Branch 1 – Leisure Activity Coordinator
Level 1 – Resort Information Desk
Level 2 – Resort Coordinator
Level 3- Sport Activity Manager

Level 4 – Leisure Activity Coordinator
Level 5 – Leisure Activity Manager

Branch 2 – Tour Operations
Level 1 – Local Tour Guide
Level 2 – Tour Manager
Level 3 – Regional Tour Guide
Level 4 – International Tour Operator

Branch 3 – Travel Agent
Level 1 – Beginner Travel Agent
Level 2 – Expert Travel Agent
Level 3 – Leisure Travel Agent
Level 4 – Corporate Travel Agent
Level 5 – Travel Agency Manager

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