NO HUD Text While Aiming User for RDR2

NO HUD Text While Aiming for Red Dead Redemption 2
NO HUD Text While Aiming for RDR2


Hides the bottom-right HUD text when aiming with a weapon. Like the animal description and interaction keys.
For people who want to feel more immersed while hunting. Now you will have to trust your eyes to locate the animals.

Script Hook RDR2

If you want to rob someone at gunpoint, press the iron sight key/button (mouse wheel up/down, d-pad down) while aiming at a human to restore the interaction text.
To change your shoulder side when aiming, release the aiming key, press the change shoulder key, and quickly press the aiming key again.
When using binoculars, interactions and the pause menu is disabled. To restore those actions just unequip it.


Author: zalteredbeastz

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