Mod Cleaner Script for RDR2

Mod Cleaner for Red Dead Redemption 2
Mod Cleaner for RDR2


This Mod Allows You To Keep Your Mods And Play Online By Temporarily Storing Your Mods In A Separate Folder At Your Will. Then When You Are Ready To Play The Award-Winning Story Mode Again, Just Simply Tell The Program To The Retrieve The Mod! Super Easy!

Rdr2 Mod Cleaner is a new gamechanger in rdr2 mods. Inspired by the GTA 5 Cleaner, I always wanted a way to play mods on pc without having to stop playing with my friends online. Now that day has come as this mod allows you to store your mods for online play and then use them again when you want to play the story mode again.

Simple, Just Extract The Folder Into Your Downloads And Drag The Rdr2cleaner.exe Into Your Rdr2 Directory. It Has To Be In Your Directory Or Else It Will Fail. I Am Not Responsible For Any Deleted Folders If You Put It In The Wrong Spot. Thanks!

How to Use
Open The Exe And It Will Ask Do You Want To Retrieve Or Store Your Mods. Answer And It Should Do Its Thing In A Few Seconds!

Currently right now: 9 out of 77 anti-viruses are false flagging my file, it is not a virus and I stand by my program. Here is the Link. You may have to exclude the file from Windows Defender in order for it to work.

Author: TheStarVeteran

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