Download Legendary Save Game By Sprut (Prologue) RDR2 Mod

RDR2 Mod: Legendary Save Game By Sprut (Prologue) (Featured)
RDR2 Mod: Legendary Save Game By Sprut (Prologue)

This save is suitable for any version of the game, and is also placed on a license and pirate.

Start of the game, after moving on Horseshoe Overlook.

Arthur Morgan: – Level 10/10
Horse Arabian: – Level 10/10

Camp is completely improved.

Collected : – all talismans and trinkets.
✔ all suits, hunter clothes and other equipment + “Legend of East”
✔ all Letters 81/81
✔ all Newspaper Scrap 8/8
✔ all Books 21/21
✔ all Maps 6/6
✔ all Bounty Posters 16/16
✔ all Recipe Pamphlets 28/28
✔ all Newspapers 42/42

✔ all Hunting Request items
✔ all Treasure Maps (no treasures were collected)
✔ all Handbills 10/10
✔ Drawings 1/1
✔ all Notes 27/27
✔ all Photographs 9/9
✔ all Watches complete collection 6/6
✔ all Keepsakes (items for the gang) 10/10
✔ all quest Plumes and other items
✔ all Cigarette Card Sets 144/144
✔ all “Dream catchers”, all Dinosaur Bones, all Rock Carvings, all Shacks.

Purchased and upgraded all weapons in the game.

All challenges are complete – 100%. Compendium – 100%.

At the request of the workers, legendary animals and fish were not affected,hunting and fishing were not carried out.

I wish you a pleasant game, regards, SPRUT.

Author: SPRUT

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