Chapter 4 Perfect Save File for RDR2

Chapter 4 Perfect Save File for Red Dead Redemption 2
Chapter 4 Perfect Save File for RDR2


This is chapter 4 save file with every mission completed with the exception of the last 2. All missions completed have gold medals. Arthur also has John, Micah, and Otis Miller’s revolvers early. I acquired these through glitches without the use of mods. 99% of the map has no fog of war (There might still be some tiny fogged spots). All clothes available in the game’s tailors have been purchased, including the Blackwater, Tumbleweed, and Armadillo tailors. All camp companion requests have been completed as well. Compendium has everything that is possible to complete, including extra areas that I was able to unlock early through glitches.

Author: BigBlooky2

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