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RDR2 Mod: Chapter 2 Save Game (Featured)
RDR2 Mod: Chapter 2 Save Game

RDR2 chapter 2 save game most of the compendium completed which was possible to be completed in chapter 2, I haven’t completed any missions neither triggered any random encounters nor strangers mission, only some challenges and most compendium is completed which is time saving for people who just wanna play the story and get 100% completion.

Chapter 2 Progress:
0 Mission
0 Random Encounters
0 Strangers Mission

Animals [162 Of 178]:
All animals tracked, killed and skinned manually and donated to pearson except for legendary animals

Equipment [4 Of 77]:

Fish [15 Of 30]:

All fish caught and donated to pearson except for legendary fish

Gangs [1 Of 6]:

Plants [43 Of 43]:
All plants discovered and picked but map not explored

Horses [19 Of 19]:
All Horses discovered and all coats bonded and ridden

Weapons [17 Of 63]:

Cigarette Cards [144 Of 144]:
All cards collected but map not explored

Bandit [9/10] Explorer [9/10] Gambler [9/10] Herbalist [9/10] Horseman [9/10] Master Hunter [9/10] Sharpshooter [9/10] Survivalist [9/10] Weapons Expert [9/10]

Authors: AbdulRahim Khan

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  1. Hello, Good save, but can you man another save without legendary animal scetch in the journal ( white bison)
    Thank you again

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