Download ALL Chapters -ALL Missions – ALL Gold – ALL Missables RDR2 Save Mod

RDR2 Save Mod: ALL Chapters -ALL Missions – ALL Gold – ALL Missables (Featured)
RDR2 Save Mod: ALL Chapters -ALL Missions – ALL Gold – ALL Missables

RDR2 – Complete Gold. Included is ever mission of the first 6 chapters with a Gold finishes across the board. AND I didn’t miss anything listed on the “Missable Content” page of the wiki.

Thanks to the pandemic and being on disability, I’ve done virtually nothing but play RDR2 for the last few months. I don’t know if anybody’s beaten me to the punch, but I decided to post the only truly complete collection of save files here. Soon I’ll be adding the Epilogue.

Rest assured, I DID NOT use the save editor to change any medals to gold, nor did I do anything (hopefully) to corrupt the saves. After fiddling with several mods, I eventually got a sense of of what does and doesn’t corrupt a save. Trainers are the main culprit, although I suspect that any mod that breaks the game in similar ways would also corrupt saves.

That said, I took advantage of 3 tools. I used save editor to pad the stacks in my satchel (after starting the stack the legit way, and while abstaining from countless potentially problematic changes), I used CE to accelerate the game during the countless slow parts, and finally, I used the Fly Mod by HCL. I don’t recommend these until you’ve beaten the game the old fashion way, but I cannot recommend the later two enough. IMO, they don’t break the game nearly as much as the reinvigorate it for folk like me who’ve already played through multiple time. They’re awesome, and they don’t corrupt saves.

The only straight up cheat that I included was adding the Pronghorn Trinket. It’s possibly the best trinket in the game and IMO it’s ridiculous that you have to wait until the epilogue to get it.

The Fly Mod notably enabled me to do something that would be impossible otherwise. I was able to avoid the vast majority of random occurrences on the roads by flying straight up to the clouds and flying over any such run-ins with strangers and such. I did this to create a series of saves late in the game that still leave the player to experience the great majority of the fun random events. There were a few things I still triggered, but not many.

I’ll Try To Keep Up With Questions, But Bear With Me. Enjoy!

Authors: Triple Changer

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