John Marston Restored Project V1.5 Player for RDR2

John Marston Restored Project V1.5 for Red Dead Redemption 2
John Marston Restored Project V1.5 for RDR2


Restored beta John Marston from pre release screenshots and more.
This is the first version of the John Marston Restoration Project..

It restores the beta models such as John Marston’s head from the pre release screenshots.

It also restores the beta clean shaven beard style for John Marston, the beta RDR1 pants, the 1.00 pants, and the beta grey shotgun coat.

It requires Lambda’s MapEditor Mod.
Installation is in the Read Me.

If you want the fixed head model it needs to be the underweight or overweight head. Perfect and Normal weight head is glitched.

Author: GuiCORLEONEx794

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