Norwegian Fjord Horse Pack for RDR2

Norwegian Fjord Horse Pack for Red Dead Redemption 2
Norwegian Fjord Horse Pack for RDR2

Add this unique Norwegian breed to your game! With edited models and textures!

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Lenny’s Mod Loader
Script Hook

If you take screenshots with any of my horses in them, please don’t hesitate to post them! I would love to see what adventures they go on

This ancient draught horse breed comes from Norway, with evidence showing they have been bred by the Vikings for at least 2,000 years! They have been used for war, work, and riding horses. They are also one of the purest breeds, with little to no crossbreeding known in their history. Although they are often seen with their manes in a mohawk style, if allowed to grow out, their hairs can be long and thick.
They do not have custom names or stats.

Author: ThylacinusCynocephalus

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