Download NCR Veteran Ranger Helmet (Proper Materials Update) RDR2 Mod

RDR2 Mod: NCR Veteran Ranger Helmet (Proper Materials Update) (Featured)
RDR2 Mod: NCR Veteran Ranger Helmet (Proper Materials Update)

The Helmet replaces the Viking Helmet (found North West from Annesburg.)

First, using your prefered rar extractor (zip or winrar) extract the folder into your desktop. Drop it into LML. Every file contains all that’s needed for that specific version, and can’t be used with another version.

A NCR Ranger Helmet that looks pretty dope.
Three Different Skins, (although not useable at the same time)

New High quality and PBR model
Compatible with all versions of lml.
No script, it’s a YDD.
Emissive Goggles. (Won’t actually light up the ground or surroundings)
Can be used by NPCs, this will help for taking pictures.

An outfit for this helmet can be found on nexus by TwinkieSnake. Riot Gear Vest can be found here on nexus, by Gre_Chan/Mitsuwuchi

PS: I made another page because the DP distribution is different between the two mods and because I didn’t want to have to remove then add new pictures.

Authors: Notbakou and ToastyFresh

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Download mod

unzip.rar (26 MB)
Safe to download: Check 

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