Realistic Clean Kills For Hunting Effect for RDR2

Realistic Clean Kills For Hunting for Red Dead Redemption 2
Realistic Clean Kills For Hunting for RDR2

More options for clean kills. Varmint rifle as alternative to small game arrows. More realistic clean kills.

Lenny’s Mod Loader (LML)

Did you ever realize how stupid it is to hunt sparrows with a bow? In 19th century people already shot small birds by airgunsflobert guns. But in the game there is no such weapons. So here’s the deal: lets consider varmint rifle as flobert, ok? Now small birds, snakes etc can stay in perfect condition if killed from a varmint rifle. Because again, hunting sparrows with a bow is a business for retards (or perverts!).
Who said that revolver is bad for hunting?! Not so bad if you are good in aiming. Pistol too. Now a one shot kill medium sized animals from revolver or pistol is equal to a clean kill from repeater. So grab your good old schofield (or fancy new mauser) and go hunt some coyotes.
Large animals (such as deer) now can be clean killed from revolver or repeater, but only by headshot.

OPTIONAL feature
Not enough for you? Want some perversions? Okay, lets see what else I can offer…
A pistol! Pistol as an addition to varmint and small game arrows. Some competent people may know how weak was Volcanic pistol in reality, and may refuse to use it because of this immersion-spoiling reason. By the way, C-93 (semiauto pistol) was weak too. So if you are such person then I found a solution for you! We can consider Volcanic as a small game hunting gun (like flobert cartridge BB-gun)! Sounds good? Here you go, enjoy.

Copy the archive content into LML folder. Install only one plugin!

Might be compatible with everything

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