Improved Wildlife Alpha V0.3 Effect for RDR2

Improved Wildlife Alpha V0.3 for Red Dead Redemption 2
Improved Wildlife Alpha V0.3 for RDR2

A new wildlife project to enhance your wilderness experience!

Welcome to Improved Wildlife.
This mod will be majorly updated in the future, however, the changes I have made so far are:

Increased spawn factor to all wildlife. (aquatic, flying, and ground animals.)
Range increased to which how far birds spawn. (this is to be tested more, but if you see any changes, let me know.)

Improved bait system. (increased attraction distance, length of effectivity, and reduced delay of animals being dispatched.)

Changes To Wildlife Spawns. (Better Values Than 0.1)
Improved flock and herd system. (Increase number of birds in a flock, increased spawns of flocks and herds. There is a lot more I’ve tweaked, however, these are the main edits.)
Improved scavenger system. (Predator Animals (mostly scavenging birds) are more eager to feast on animal carcasses and more scavengers can be allowed to feast on a carcass simultaneously.)

Does this hit performance? – Honestly, IDK. I haven’t seen anything impactful, but check yourself and see how it goes.
What’s to come? Currently looking at animal reactions, so keep a look out!

Author: Innxcence



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