Gunfx Effect for RDR2

Gunfx for Red Dead Redemption 2
Gunfx for RDR2


Increased muzzle smoke and flash and gun decals persist.

Many decals and air debris in one area will affect performance

Due to a minor complaint I had with the guns not displaying enough muzzle/barrel smoke, I decided to make a mod myself.

Barrel smoke will last longer (depends on how many rounds are fired)
Muzzle flash and smoke increased by 50%
Interior smoke and air debris from firing will last 10 times longer
Bullet impact FX increased by 20%
Ranges off all FX have been increased and are visible on PEDs
Gun decals are permanent unless you leave the area

I am not certain but this might also affect footprint decals and some bleeding effects. Let me know in the comments if you find anything I missed.

Author: WickedHorseMan

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