RNG TX Armored Truck Pack for MUDRUNNER

RNG TX Armored Truck Pack for MudRunner
RNG TX Armored Truck Pack for MudRunner


Envelope, revision and customization of this mod. There are 9 cars in the mod: 3 different models in 3 different colors. The pack also includes the RNG TX Bridge Layer mod that adds a bridge platform and a folding bridge for the RNG TX 8×8 machine.

RNG TX 6×6:
✔ has 14 of its add-ons;
✔ can carry 3 cargo points

RNG TX 6×6-2:
✔ has 13 of its addons;
✔ can carry 3 cargo points

RNG TX 8×8:
✔ has 13 of its addons;
✔ can carry 4 cargo points

✔ Suspension, power and transmission are tuned from scratch;
✔ Reduced the speed of return of the steering wheel;
✔ Reduced control response;
✔ Corrected the size and position of the air intake;
✔ Increased durability;
✔ Changed the position of the camera, moved forward;
✔ Completely reconfigured lighting on cars and addons;
✔ Fixed non-stop dangling rings on addons;
✔ RNG TX 8×8 vehicle weight has been increased by 2000, before that it was the same as that of short frame vehicles;
✔ Added loads from SnowRunner;
✔ The control of the folding bridge is now automatic, before it was manual;
✔ Adjusted the center of mass of some addons and cargo;
✔ The wheels are taken from the mod;
✔ Added Russian translation for addons and actions.

Texture Changes:
✔ All speculators are created anew;
✔ The glasses are now more blue;
✔ Some loads have been repainted.

SnowRunner - RNG TX ARMORED Truck Driving Through Mud

Author: kvarc999

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