Manicouagan crater Map for MudRunner

Manicouagan crater Map 2
Manicouagan crater Map for MudRunner


Welcome to the epicenter of Manicuagan Crater, one of the largest, oldest and best-preserved craters in the world.
Manikuagan Ring Lake is one of the largest in the world; it serves as a reservoir for hydroelectricity.

On the map:

  • 1 garage (open);
  • 1 sawmill;
  • 1 gas station;
  • 12 spawn points (movements);
  • 15 gathering places;
  • 1 car at the start of 3 slots:
  • 7 cars on the map.

Map Features:

  • After a long, dry summer, the water level is very low. There is no road, nothing is visible, only nature … it’s easy to get lost. Use a mini map, GPS and carefully read the terrain, otherwise you will have problems.
  • We have lost touch with science teams. Go explore their last positions, find and save them.
  • Some cars on the map also need repairs or fuel.

Author: Pyro-xv

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