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Eendracht Maakt Macht Meterik V0.5.0

Eendracht Maakt Macht Meterik V0.5.0 for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

A much-improved scenery add-on to replace the incorrect default Windmill and surrounding buildings in my hometown of Meterik in Limburg The Netherlands. The models are highly detailed and textured using mostly actual photographic sources. The Windmill is coded to rotate and spin in sync with the Sim’s actual wind direction and speed. The only problem…

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Jhd-Groningen-Stad for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

This is my version of my hometown Groningen, the capital of the province Groningen in the north-east of the Netherlands. The scenery contains more the 20 handcrafted objects and there is more to come. It is a perfect base of my Helipad EHUG scenery, also on Installation: Just extract the file into your MSFS2020…

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Medieval Castles In Holland

Medieval Castles In Holland for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

According to several pages in several Wiki’s there are approximitly 1800 castles in the Netherlands. Most of them are just spots in the ground where a castle has been, but now only visible to complex machines. There are however castles which have never been damaged or rebuilt after major damage. Those castles are still in…

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Ehbu-Vliegerfeld Haamstede

Ehbu-Vliegerfeld Haamstede for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

Hi Guys This is my first project and it was more like to try out the new SDK and make this small little airfield near Haamstede. If you have suggestions for making the airfield better pls contact me. Installation: Just Copy the folder inside the Zip File to your Community Folder! GPS Coordinates: 51.70952941060768, 3.7125325245176657

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