Takeoff – Landing Performance Calculator A320 V1.3 for MFS2020

Takeoff – Landing Performance Calculator A320 V1.3 for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020
Takeoff – Landing Performance Calculator A320 V1.3 for MSFS 2020

The file is used to calculate A320 take-off and landing performance values.
I hope it is of help and satisfaction.

✔ Download the zip. file.
✔ Extract the file
✔ Open the Excel file.

✔ Set “blue” values ​​based on various weather, runway and aircraft data.
✔ The “green” values, obtained from the setup done before (blue value), will be those to be used in the FMGS or to be taken into consideration.

De-icing motor and wing can only be selected if the temperature is 10 degrees or lower.

If the values ​​set for take-off “are not admissible” the results will not be visible “NA”.
Modify the aircraft configuration parameters (TOW – Flap conf. – Ari cond)

CWY => Clearway is a defined rectangular area, on land or water, above which an aircraft can make part of its initial climb up to a specified height.
VLS => Lowest Selectable Speed is the slowest speed the Airbus lets you fly. (Represented by the top of an amber strip along the airspeed scale on the PFD)

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