HPG H145 Hems Vanderbilt Lifeflight Hicopt for MSFS 2020

HPG H145 Hems Vanderbilt Lifeflight for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020
HPG H145 Hems Vanderbilt Lifeflight for MSFS 2020


The long-awaited Hems version of the H145! You will need both the H145 base and the Action Pack add-on for this to work. Thanks to the folks at Hype for this amazing helicopter add on! This version includes custom Vanderbilt LifeFlight flight suits as well. This livery was requested for conversion to the HEMS model. I reworked some of the livery details while I was converting it, so hopefully, it is better than before.

This is one of the Vanderbilt Medical Center’s EC145 LifeFlight helicopters. LifeFlight uses two Airbus EC 145s, five Airbus EC135s, and two Airbus H 130T2s. Eight of the nine helicopters are placed at bases and one is used as a backup. They use multiple helicopters in the Tennessee area. These aircraft are owned and operated by Air Methods. They cover all of Middle Tennessee, parts of West Tennessee, East Tennessee, and Southern Kentucky.

This helicopter livery is based on an EC145 that is operated by the Vanderbilt Medical Center in Tennessee. They currently use the EC145, so some artistic creation was used to make it work on the H145. I also had to move some lettering/logos due to the different modeling, etc.

This is SU9 tested and works fine in world update X as well.

This should be drag and drop ready if I zipped it correctly.

Enjoy And Happy Flying!!

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