Empire Star Destroyer Executor Airport Esde for MFS2020

Empire Star Destroyer Executor Airport Esde for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020
Empire Star Destroyer Executor Airport Esde for MSFS 2020

ESDX Starwars Executor airport is a massive Star Destroyer ship (19000m long) from the famous space opera franchise, landed somewhere in the water surounding Antartica. It features an Empire themed airport of one single runway with a fun takeoff/landing challenge and a complex scenery with hundreds of props.

BEWARE, THIS IS EXPERIMENTAL WORK, ITS UNPOLISHED AND CAN KILL YOU FPS. Its alright on my mid tier hardware setup, but some users have reported a very high fps drop for them. I’ll work on improving that later, now i just need some rest from the 50 hours I think I spent trying to make this work just a bit.

Extract the .rar file (about 100mb extracted) in your community folder as usual. You can find the airport by typing ESDX in the research field on the world map. Its the only star airport on antartica, you just can’t miss it.

This first version may be quite buggy (see potential bugs below), this is very variable and may depend on your hardware setup ; in any case, bugs are just visual, they don’t prevent from using the airport and visiting the scenery.

This airport is better used with u/Eggman28 starwars themed aircrafts models

Known Bugs :
✔ the floor and runway may disapear when looked straight at from a precise angle. Panning the camera in any direction makes the runway and floor go back.
✔ an unidentified piece of metal-like giant plate may spawn in the middle of the runway.
✔ Some scenery props may be misplaced and appearing floating over the executor when flying of moving the drone camera outside of it.

3d Model credits : The starwars 3d models are initialy made by creators on sketchfab. The models have been slightly altered for this addon, like the executor, to make room for the airport entrance.

Author: Felljin667



ModsHost claims no ownership or authorship of this mod - files, images & description. All credit goes to the author of this work.
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