Improved Flightmodel For DC Designs F-15 Aircraft for MSFS 2020

Improved Flightmodel For DC Designs F-15 for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020
Improved Flightmodel For DC Designs F-15 for MSFS 2020


Changes The Flightmodel.cfg And The Cockpit.cfg To Make The Aircraft More Enjoyable To Fly.
Eliminates the shaking or “spring” effect of the elevators and rudders.
Limits the aircraft to 8-9 G’s.
Adjusts the rollrate, to make the aircraft roll slightly faster at low speeds and slower at high speeds.
Brings the external camera closer to the aircraft.
Locks the gear above 250kts.

Adds G-Meter to external HUD.
Changes The IAS Display On The External HUD. ( Green 100-600kts, Yellow 600-800kts, Red 800-850kts )

Replace both the flightmodel.cfg and the cockpit.cfg in the aircrafts main folder. You have to replace the files for each variant. (E/C/D/I)

Authors: Handsome_Huber

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Download mod

f15_flightmodel_C98Fl.rar (7 KB)
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