How to play aggressive like a PRO in Modern Warfare

How to play aggressive like a PRO in Modern Warfare

No doubt, battle royales are thrilling enough to get you stuck to your gaming chair for hours. But with more new players dropping into the arena with each passing day, you need to constantly adapt to various tips and strategies to improve your gameplay. If you are tired of sitting on your couch and seeing your player returning to the main menu repeatedly, we can help you out. With the help of battlelog, now you can improve your gaming skills and play aggressively like a pro.

Try avoiding first contact.

Since players can select their drop location, try avoiding dropping into the zone loaded up with enemies. While these areas are a great way to increase the number of kills, usually, players who get the armor and weapon fastest are the ones that have the highest probability of surviving the round. Instead, you should try and drop into an empty zone to gather weapons and armor without getting into a firefight.

Get familiar with the map.

Thoroughly Knowing the map can massively help you in your gameplay. From deciding the drop location and camping zone to pinging the hiding spot of the enemy, map knowledge is a critical element in making smart moves in the game. There are specific locations that serve hotspots for loots, and some are good for camping. You can easily understand all this when you have complete knowledge of the map.

Watch out for loadouts

Do you want to have the upper hand over your enemies from the get-go? Loadouts are your answer. You can find loadout drops on the map and use them to level up your game by customizing your weapon and much more. With other teams eyeing these loadouts, they aren’t easy to get your hands on but definitely worth all the risk and pain. Just remember to be careful when one drops anywhere on the map because there might be other teams going for it as well. Loadouts are also a great trap to lure your enemy to a spot. You can camp on the rooftop of the nearest building to wipe down the enemy team.

Make less noise

Another remarkable feature of the Call Of Duty is the great audio quality. With a good pair of headphones and sharp ears, you can easily track down the most probable location of your enemy. Adversely, being too loud and noisy is a sure-shot recipe for disaster by letting your opponents get the drop on the squad. So, it is best to stay quiet whenever you can. Try avoiding sprinting through tight spaces and making noises to hide your location from enemies.

Get aggressive

We know camping at a single spot might look like a safe trick to play, but it isn’t that easy to pull off. And until and unless you are a pro camper and good with snipers, we suggest you keep moving to a different spot to avoid a quick death. While sticking to a small spot and dominating it is a sound strategy used by many veteran players, one must move to the different spots to find exciting loot. Make a run to find the best weapons and stock up on cash before finding a hiding spot as the circle keeps getting smaller.

Watch live streams

If you want to play like a pro, you need to think like one, and watching live streams is the best way to do that. YouTube and Twitch live streams are heaven for every new and even veteran player looking to improve. You can check various live streams available on these platforms or read blogs to improve your gaming style. See what different moves they make, their strategy, and where their favorite hiding spot is. Basically, study everything, then try to replicate it in your matches and see if it works.

Practice and practice

Becoming a pro player is not all about finding that right strategy and using it for several matches; it is much more than that. You need to put all your efforts into the game if you want to improve and become a pro, and constant practice is what you need to do. You need to practice different strategies, play with the various weapons, and sharpen your gaming skills to become a professional.
Constant practice is not about getting stuck to your digital screen for hours. It is about playing with your mind open and understanding why you are failing, and making changes to your strategy with each match.

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