Suggested Mod Improvements for GTA’s Diamond Casino

Suggested Mod Improvements for GTA’s Diamond Casino

Amidst the seemingly countless updates we’ve seen to GTA V since it was first released, the Diamond Casino still feels like one of the biggest. It was hinted at and teased for several years before its in-game grand opening, and wound up supplying players with a ton of new content. Ultimately though, it also ended up being more about heist missions than casino games.

That’s not to say there aren’t playable games in the casino, but it’s the Diamond Casino Heist that stole the spotlight. Incidentally, said heist recently got a fresh update as well, with ScreenRant reporting that there are significant new player rewards (as well as rumors of a diamond vault).

GTA Online: The Diamond Casino Heist

The casino heist has seized attention and continued to evolve, in other words, and over time we’ve seen mods for the casino venue as well (such as the enjoyable Diamond Casino Neon Palms V2.0 Map we posted about last year!). All of this has kept the Diamond Casino interesting for GTA V players. As an actual casino though, the in-game venue still feels like it could stand to be fleshed out a little bit more.

For that reason, we have a few suggestions for mod improvements (or even DLC) that could make the Diamond Casino the sort of main attraction some players long expected it to be.

Texas Hold’Em

It’s unclear what Rockstar was going for in building an in-game casino with poker players but without Texas Hold’Em. Instead, players can only enjoy three-card poker, which is fun for a bit but ultimately a little simple. This is particularly puzzling when you consider that Rockstar has already infused Texas Hold’Em into other games (most notably Red Dead Redemption 2), as well as that Hold’Em is by all indications the most popular variety of poker! Players know how the game works, already enjoy it, and would love to see it as a new option amongst the Diamond Casino poker tables.


Rather than presenting players with a Hold’Em alternative that is simpler (meaning three-card poker), we’d also like to see a little bit of a challenge. And the Omaha variety of poker may be the best option in this regard. It’s certainly not as well known to the casual poker player, but it’s one that would build on Hold’Em nicely. describes Omaha essentially as a slightly altered version of Hold’Em, with the key difference being that players are dealt more cards (four rather than two). This adds an extra wrinkle to the world’s most popular poker game, and would give a lot of GTA V players something new to try, rather than just something simple.

Sports Betting

The Diamond Casino already has something called Inside Track, which is basically a simulated virtual horse race. Believe it or not, this is based on something that really exists in real-world casinos, so it’s actually a nice touch by Rockstar. But it would be a ton of fun also to see a mod or DLC package that brings a more complete sportsbook into the Diamond Casino. One can imagine entire leagues of fake sports teams to follow and bet on within the world of GTA V. It would help to further the world-building Rockstar likes to work on, and it would provide one more casino activity to enjoy.

Casino Video Games

A mod delivering playable, miniature video games to the Diamond Casino floor would perhaps be unprecedented. That’s because it would represent a video game inside a casino inside a video game. And yet, it would also be an inventive and realistic addition, given that there are some indications real-world casinos are moving in this direction. Per CBS New York, casinos have worked to attract a “next generation” of gamblers through the introduction of skill-based video game versions of slot machines — with some success. So, in a strange way, sticking a few video games into the Diamond Casino would actually be quite forward-looking.

Any of these would represent a significant improvement on a Diamond Casino that’s been a nice addition to GTA V, but has always felt like it ought to be better.

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