Range Rover Evoque V8.0 Vehicle for GTA5

Range Rover Evoque V8.0 for Grand Theft Auto V
Range Rover Evoque V8.0 for GTA V

All ultra detailed instructions to install is in archive.
For Add-on
For replace

HQ engine
HQ interior
HQ exterior
Working dials
HQ mirror reflexion
Template for custom skin
Lot of details
Tuning parts
HQ textures and bumpmap

3 front bumpers
5 rear bumpers
1 big exhaust kit
1 skirt
1 roof spoiler

By default the car is stock livery (no skin), don’t touch anything if you don’t want skin. I you want make custom skin and apply to the car, read template instruction in texte file.

Full new HQ interior
New HQ textures
Fit a HQ 3D engine
Add a hoodliner
Replace wheel by better one
New tires
Rework lights textures
Add glass on fog lights
Add working fog lights
New dials
Add radio
Add detail on trunk
Add door sills
New grid
Add radiator under grid
New underbody
New interior surface of front and rear bumper
New logos & badges
New calipers
New brake disks
Delete the bugged tuning bonnet
Improve DLC files
Add tuning parts names and car name
Some other 3D and textures improvements…

Add 12 tuning parts – Thanks to Kizacudo for help ?
New windows
Minor texture fix

TOTALLY NEW INTERIOR Old one replace by the real Evoque interior (seats, doors, roof, hood, dash….)
New motor – Now there is a 3D motor, not just a photo.
Fixed littles bugs.

Totally change all lights (indicator, tail lights, head lights, brake lights), by REAL lights.
Add more realism for light by adding chrome under lights (reflector).
Add PERECT reflexion on each mirror.

Fix the bug with add-on version.

Add-on Version: Huge Thank To Matteo9010 For The Add-on Version !!

Added complete template for the car, you can now make custom skin.
Added Dirt, Dust, Scratch map, the car can be totally dirt.
Added Dirt map for windows.
Better interior quality.
Fix light glass, front and back.
New texture for glass, perfect reflexion and HD break texture.
Fix all lights / all lights textures work when light are activate.
New texture for all lights.
Working middle break light.
Working indicators.
Player now sit correctly and grab the steering wheel.
Added Bumpmap textures for all parts of the car.
Added Specmap textures for all parts of the car.
Custom interior color by changing Paint2.
Better reflexion on all mirrors.

Added full Range Rover interior in good quality, interior from zQrba’s Range Rover Supercharged, five seats, and hd texture.
Fix colisions for ALL doors and add animation when you open each door (you don’t pass trought when open.
The glass are breackable.
Added glass above headlights and taillights.
Added working dash.
Perfection position of player in car.
Working streeringwheel with hands on it.
2k new texture for the motor.
2k new texture for doors.
Reflective mirrors.
Change the license plate to the game license plate.
Fix doors handles when go inside the car.
Added doors lights at the botom.
Change middle mirror inside the car.
Modify chassis colision to improve scratch, damage and bullet hole on it.
Breackable headlights and taillights.

GTA V MOD - Range Rover Evoque 2016

Authors: [YCA] SCRAT



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