Pegassi Osiris Roadster V1.2 Vehicle for GTA5

Pegassi Osiris Roadster V1.2 for Grand Theft Auto V
Pegassi Osiris Roadster V1.2 for GTA 5


The ads of yesteryear implored you to dump two million dollars on a hypercar just to “destroy the libs”. The ads of yesteryear hid the nuance of its engineering behind calling you a snaggletoothed fudgenugget who couldn’t savour it in full anyway. Now that you’ve refunded your campaign donations and honed your driving chops to the max, you’re ready to face the might of Osiris in its proper, open-air form. Side-effect-free driving high – guaranteed.

v1.1 – Fixed paint mapping around headlights
v1.2 – Fixed rear badge mapping

✔ LODs
✔ Extra tuning parts
✔ Removable roof
✔ Colorable interior

✔ Rear windscreen, roof windows and window on rear clamshell don’t break

Installation file is in readme file. Let me know if you find any issues or bugs.

GTA 5 - Awesome "Pegassi Osiris" Roadster Convertible Concept For Super Cars! (GTA 5 Gameplay)

Author: harithd


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Download mod (8 MB)
Safe to download: Check 

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