Download Ford F450 Ambulance GTA 5 Vehicle Mod

GTA 5 Ford Vehicle Mod: F450 Ambulance (Featured)
GTA 5 Ford Vehicle Mod: F450 Ambulance

Ford F450 Ambulance Children’s Hospital
FiveM Ready

☀compatible With FiveEMS!!


Rotoray Toggle on/off

thanks to Jwalker for the base i made comp with the script

Use FiveEMS to load and unload your patient, open doors, and toggle scene lighting.

add this vehicle to the config.lua and restart FiveEMS and your good to go.

Frequently Asked Questions.
Texture Loss?
try reducing the resolution of the textures in the ytd this will help on fivem., also try adjusting your display and texture settings may need to drop them down.

The Left Rear Door Closes when I exit the vehicle?
This is due to the vehicle layout and is also the reason why you might exit or enter the back seats in a weird way.

This could be fix with custom vehicle layout but I don’t know how to do that.

Save the vehicle in your trainer to operate doors and extras while you are outside the vehicle. As you exit the vehicle and walk to the back door you can use the trainer to open the saved vehicles doors and operate the powerload system while outside the vehicle.

Changing Light Colors?
light colors can be changed in the ytd, you can change the amber to another color of your choosing.

this is non-els mod so you will need to edit the color code under each siren section in the carcols.meta this is a color hex code, i have made green annotations on all my sirens so you know which one you are editing the direction and color.

Additional liveries
my vehicles can support up to 8 liveries sometimes 10 and seats up to 4,template included, you may publish the skins you create, just link to this download.

How To Operate Powerload System?
Using your vehicle trainer or vehicle menu, you and load and unload the stretcher, by open/close bonnet/hood, using the vehicle component menu to toggle on/off stretcher, patient, or equipment.

If you save this vehicle in your trainer or vehicle menu you can operate the doors and vehicle components while outside the vehicle.

(Fivem) download is ready for install just drag and drop ambo folder to your vehicles folder and add start ambo to your server.cfg, clear your server cache and restart. Spawn with ambulance or rename the resource and files to whatever you need, will need trainer, vehicle control menu and vehicle extra menu for your players.

(single player install instructions)
this mod is compatible with fivem and SP

using open IV – edit mode
(replace) install in latest patchday
or mods/update/x64/dlcpacks/patchday8ng/dlc.rpf/x64/levels/gta5/vehicles.rpf

install as an add on use this MOD
Added Police Car Slots or albo’s add on install vehicles

For non els you need to install the carcols I’m sorry no idea how to do this in single player, carcols always go in the data folder.

You can use LML for SP install quick and easy install method

Authors: Ambulance model from turbosquid, Animations by Candi, Ambulance box from lcpdfr Dev section, redone and interior added by troopergoetz, Base model fordf450 from troopergoetz, New uv mapping by candimods, Liberty II to lamping/sobo, Livery by Candi and Kyledamedic, Special thanks to he jwalker for non els conversion, Veteran mods, fsq indicators by tomcatt gta v, Whelen m4 by james, Ultrafreedom by otaku, Quadflares by otaku, whelen m2 converted by StraightGlitcheZ from lcpdfr, med equip from MP Doomsday DLC R*, lifepak15 by cheese, 2010 Ford Econoline Type 2 Ambulance Van Built by Malley Industries by Cray Sellick, cool beans and jearbear rescue and various other parts, light tower by AEMT, cfd9437 tanker truck and trailer assorted, truck utility body by cool beans
Federal Signal Vision SLR By RoegonTV, Fed Sig SLR by otaku, services bodies by cool beans, jearbear, big Red, Stryker MX Pro Stretcher with PowerLoad System!!

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Download mod

f450ambo.rar (22 MB)
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