Download Realistic Blood FX V1.8 Grand Theft Auto V Mod

GTA 5 Mod: Realistic Blood FX V1.8 (Featured)
GTA 5 Mod: Realistic Blood FX V1.8

This gore config of Improvements in Gore, and Blood and Decals Diversity is as close to realism as any other gore mod. I have edited the files to behave like real life ballistics but also offer a satisfying result. Expect brutal aftermaths and disturbing shootouts.

Basic Features
Accurate wound sizes (depending on caliber and entry/exit)
Accurate blood pool sizes
Accurate splatter sizes (depending on caliber and entry/exit)
Removed blood mist from body shots
Smaller and more realistic blood mists on headshots
Realistic melee damage
Realistic soaking times (depending on caliber and entry/exit)
Realistic body splatter sizes


Authors: Poorsoul44 bravercoolio CarnethSmecher, Bravercoolio Wound and Splatter Textures, Carneth Smecher Blood Pools Textures, GalaxyHighMarshall Blood Pools and Splatter Textures

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RBFX-1.7.rar (41 MB)
Safe to download: Check (60 MB)
Safe to download: Check 

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