John Deere 6R Large Frame Series 2015 Tractor for FS22

John Deere 6R Large Frame Series 2015 for Farming Simulator 22
John Deere 6R Large Frame Series 2015 for FS22


Today I present to you my latest creation, 6R Large Frame 2015-2021/2nd generation. It is completely configurable to look like first models from 2015.. or some newer ones from 2021

Motor config.
(With options for PowerQuad, AutoQuad, AutoPower, Direct Drive and CommandPro transmissions)
(Fully animated transmissions)

Wheel brand config.
(Trelleborg, Mitas, Michelin, Continental, BKT, Vredestein, Kleber)

Wheel config.
(4 Standard options-Wide)(+)(With wheel weights/with wheel weights2)(+)(Twin back wheels)/(Twin wheels)/(Twin (Back) Wheels+ (Narrows/+Twin (Back) Wheels/)
(3m spacing is also available on narrowwheels)

Front attacher config.
(Bracket-300kg-500kg-700kg-900kg-1000kg-Front hydraulic 2015-Front Hydraulic 2015+PTO-Front hydraulic 2018-Front Hydraulic 2018+PTO)

Versions config.
(Standard-2 Beacons-Warning Signs-2 Beacons+Warning Signs)

GEN4 Monitor config.

Lights config.

(Standard-Cabine LED Lights-Full LED Lights-2021 Full LED Lights)

Additional lights config.

Mirrors config.
(Standard-Electric-Twin-Ultimate-2020-Ultimate 2020)

Doors+Editions config.
(Standard+Select/Premium/Ultimate Edition-Panoramic Door+Select/Premium/Ultimate Edition)

Roof+GPS config.
(Standard Roof-Standard+Additional Lights-Panoramic Roof/+SF 6000/SF 6000+RTK/SF 6000+GEN4/SF 6000+RTK+GEN4)

Fenders config.
(Back Narrow-Back standard OLD-Back standard NEW-Back Wide/+Front1/+2)

Seats config.

Front Loader config.
(Mechanic buttons-Multifunctional Joystick-Mechanic buttons+Steering Knob-Multifunctional Joystick+Steering Knob-Quicke-JD-Hauer/+Shield/+ToolBox)
Rotatable and movable seat with mouse buttons

Required Mods For Getting Full Enjoyment Are:
Universal Passenger
Interactive Control V1.1.0.0 Beta

Authors: Udruzenje Nezavisnih Modera (Dince)

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Download mod (58 MB)
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