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Pöttinger Novacat Mower Package

Pöttinger Novacat Mower Package for Farming Simulator 22

Hello everyone, here is the Pöttinger Novacat Mower Pack which is my first mod developed with the help of my friend Lemogoy. This Pack Includes: Front Mower: ✔ Price: €10,000 ✔ Working speed: 30 km/h ✔ Power requirement: 40 hp ✔ Weight: 500 kg ✔ Working widths: 3.10 M Rear Mower: ✔ Price: €30,000 ✔…


Pöttinger Novadisc Pack

Pöttinger Novadisc Pack for Farming Simulator 22

Consists: ✔ Pöttinger Novadisc 265 ✔ Pöttinger Novadisc 305 ✔ Pöttinger Novadisc 350 ✔ Prices: 6500 €; 7200 €; 8500 € ✔ Max. working speed: 22 kph ✔ Required power: 50-70 hp ✔ Weights: 585 kg; 650 kg; 695 kg ✔ Number of mower discs: 6; 7; 8 ✔ Working widths: 2,62 m; 3,04 m;…


Novacat 301+X8 Varia V1.0.0.2

Novacat 301+X8 Varia V1.0.0.2 for Farming Simulator 22

I sat down and created my first mod, it’s the Pöttinger Nova Cat 8x and Cat301 from FS19. The possibility of coupling it together is still possible, the swath storage is selectable. Except for 6 small warnings, the log is error-free. Will definitely be fixed. Just testing it on a multiplayer server with no problems…


Pöttinger Hit1618T Multicolore (Edit)

Pöttinger Hit1618T Multicolore (Edit) for Farming Simulator 22

An edit of the basic Pöttinger Hit 1618T, which will allow you to modify the colors of the tedder, to better match your tractor for example. Information: Price: €31,000 Power required: 100hp Working width: 17m Max speed in use: 15 km/h ‘


Pöttinger Fast Bale Multicolor V1.0.0.2

Pöttinger Fast Bale Multicolor V1.0.0.2 for Farming Simulator 22

Price: €78,500 Working speed: 17 km/h Required power: 130 hp Equipped with an antechamber Changelog ✔ Changed pre-chamber bale rotation ✔ XML and mod folders cleaned up and optimized ✔ TestRunner optimized Changelog ✔ Built-in pre-chamber system ✔ Added Mulicolor main color, rims, bale wrapper ✔ Theme Choice ✔ Added Devil_Dragon modding ✔…


Pöttinger HIT 47 N

Pöttinger HIT 47 N for Farming Simulator 22

The Pöttinger HIT 47 N is a 4 rotor tedder with 6 arms and hydraulic lifting and turning for the outer rotors for a secure and space saving transportation. Thanks to its pivoting headstock the tedder follows the tractor’s tracks in corners perfectly. The tedder can also be equipped with a ground wheel. ✔ Price:…