FS22 Lamborghini Mods

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Lamborghini Mach Vrt/Hürlimann XL PRO

Lamborghini Mach Vrt/Hürlimann XL PRO for Farming Simulator 22

Hürlimann XL Pro: Shop Category: Medium tractors Price: 221,500$ Engine power: 164-246 hp Max. speed: 60 kph Left door animated Configurations: Warning signs Front loader protection Lamborghini Mach VRT: Shop Category: Medium Tractors Price: 221,500$ Engine power: 224 hp Max. speed: 60 kph Left door animated Configurations: Main Colors: White, Black, Gray, Light Gray, Silver…

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Lamborghini Urus

Lamborghini Urus for Farming Simulator 22

Price : 240.000 $ Engine: 641 H.p. Speed : 320 km/h Add 10 type rims Press N open the window Selectable Colors Trailer Hitch Simple I.C. Universal Passenger works only with Kubota DLC

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Lamborghini Same Pack

Lamborghini Same Pack for Farming Simulator 22

Pack includes SAME Vigneron/Frutetto 60-75HP SAME Explorer 70-90HP SAME Laser 10-130 110-130H SAME Laser 1506 1706 150-185HP Lamborghini Grand Prix 70-90HP Lamborghini 1106 1306 110-130HP Lamborghini 1506 1706 150-185HP Added new sounds to the large and mid framed tractors that reflect the real life tractors. Added MITAS 710 Tire selection with weight Verified correct engine…

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Lamborghini Mach VRT

Lamborghini Mach VRT for Farming Simulator 22

✔ Hauer und Quicke Konsole ✔ Kennzeichen ✔ viele verschiede Reifen Configs vorhanden, MICHELIN, MITAS usw. inkl. Reifenluftdruck Anlage ✔ Farbwahl ✔ Hauer and Quicke console ✔ Many different tire configs available, MICHELIN, MITAS etc. including tire pressure system ✔ color choice

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Lamborghini Mach 230 VRT

Lamborghini Mach 230 VRT for Farming Simulator 22

As part of my new tutorial video for converting vehicles to LS22, this Lamborghini was created, which of course I don’t want to withhold from you! It is the Lambo from the LS19 Modhub and comes from Giants themselves. IMPORTANT: YOU NEED THE STOLL FRONT LOADER PACK FOR THIS MOD, WHICH IS CURRENTLY ONLY INCLUDED…

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Lamborghini R7.220 V1.0.1

Lamborghini R7.220 V1.0.1 for Farming Simulator 22

This is the Lamborghini R7.220, also known as “Jeremy’s massive tractor” from ‘Clarkson’s Farm’ on Amazon Prime. Version – note any persistent issues in the comments and I can do my best to update where needed.

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