FS22 JCB mods

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JCB Fastrac 4420 Agravis V2.1

JCB Fastrac 4420 Agravis V2.1 for Farming Simulator 22

The “set” includes A JCB 4220 with various preselected design options. as well as a matching Quicke Q88 front loader. What can the JCB change besides its design and decals? ✔ Isaria System ✔ isariaProCompact ✔ Tire selection ✔ SIC for windows and doors ✔ FL console with front guard to match Quicke 88…


JCB Fastrac Supercooler 4220R

JCB Fastrac Supercooler 4220R for Farming Simulator 22

Here the JCB Fastrac with new GPS terminals.​ What Have I Done: There are 4 color configurations with all colors Front fender can be faded in/out2 GPS terminals are installed An ipad is also installed. Engine power 235 hp Top speed selectable: 40 / 50 / 60 km/h Approvals: ✔ Lanzfahrer (model Fs19) ✔…


Cherry BAG Lifter

Cherry BAG Lifter for Farming Simulator 22

This pack contains a JCB Telehandler with a Q-Fit bracket and a Cherry Bag Lifter, which will lift 4 base game bags. The Q-Fit Bracket is JCB’s custom bracket and offers no advantage in Farming Simulator, but is a cool feature for people to use should they want to. Bag Lifter: Price – £2000…



JCB TM 320S for Farming Simulator 22

The TM320S has been designed and built to deliver the strength and power you’re looking for in an articulated machine. No Compromise. ✔ Configurable wheel colours ✔ Tyre options ✔ Choice of beacons ✔ Level lift ✔ Animated door ✔ Animated controls ✔ LED lighting Price: £89000. Brand: JCB


JCB 435 V2.0

JCB 435 V2.0 for Farming Simulator 22

Added beaconsystem (beacon bars. beams, strobes Added abit more wheelconfigs Multicolor Rimcolor Mark system config at back. Adjust better light. Update moddesc to 64 Preis: 184.000$ Power: Stage IV: 172kw/235hp Stage V: 185kw/252hp


JCB MB Trac Supercooler 4220

JCB MB Trac Supercooler 4220 for Farming Simulator 22

A JCB Fast Trac in MB Trac livery with matching front loader I have prepared something for you as a small gift. I hereby present my JCB Supercooler with matching Quicke front loader. I found the idea alone cool and I like the color dress very much. What Was Done: ✔…