FS22 Fiat Mods

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Fiat 682 N4

Fiat 682 N4 for Farming Simulator 22

Fiat 682 N4, 4×2 truck with 3.8m wheelbase two-wheel drive, with tipper body and additional sides. Produced in 1960. Price: 61.000 $ Power: 132 HP Capacity configuration: 11.000/15.000 Color configuration Configuration 60’s license plate


Fiatagri 160-55

Fiatagri 160-55 for Farming Simulator 22

The Fiat 160-55 crawler tractor was the successor of the 180-55. Produced from 1988 to 1998, Fiat 8365.25 engine, hydraulic reverse shuttle and mechanical gearbox. Since 1991, when Fiat acquired Ford New Holland Inc the production of the models became NewHollad with restyling of the previous 160-55 version. Price: 45.000€ Power: 160cv / 118kW…


Fiat MB Trac

Fiat MB Trac for Farming Simulator 22

What Can The Pack Do? Everything a tractor of this performance class should be able to do What Is Included In The Pack? 1 Fiat tractor The Fiat has the following color or brand configuration options.: ✔ MB trac 1600 painting MB standard real model! ! (see image ) ✔ MB trac 1600 paintwork MB…


2017 Fiat Ducato

2017 Fiat Ducato for Farming Simulator 22

Characteristics : – Price: €40,000 – Power: 160 hp   – UDIM, wear and dirt textures – Animated front suspension – Choice of body color – Choice of rim color – License plates


Fiat 1000/1300 DT Super

Fiat 1000/1300 DT Super for Farming Simulator 22

Fiat 1000 and 1300 DT Super, Model 1000 is Simple Traction (2wd) and Model 1300 is Double Traction. Price 1000 DT Super: €38,500 Price 1300 DT Super: €58,500 Power: 1000 DT Super: 82 hp Power: 1300 DT Super: 150 hp Maximum speed: 25km/h Primary Color Selection Wheel Color Selection Cabin Configuration Front Weight Setup Wheel…


Fiat 126P

Fiat 126P for Farming Simulator 22

The Mod Has: ✔ IC panel ✔ 600 and 650 engines ✔ Original sounds ✔ Multicolor ✔ Turning hand together with the steering wheel


Fiat 1335 C Foresty

Fiat 1335 C Foresty for Farming Simulator 22

This is a versatile medium crawler tractor. As undersheet in the meadows as in the forest. Fitted with two powerful 512/612 hp engines, this tractor is the vehicle you must own. Find it in the category of medium tractors.