Fun Radio for FS22

Fun Radio for Farming Simulator 22
Fun Radio for FS22


To Install It:
Download the mod (XML file “streamingInternetRadio”)
Copy this XML file
Go to Document > My games > FarmingSimulator2022 > music
Paste it and replace it

There you go, you now have fun radio on your radio!
Be careful, if you already have personalized stations and you don’t want to replace your file, copy only what is between the “” and paste it into your initial file.
To activate the radio, click on the 5 key (not the one on the numeric keypad, eh, the other one)
The 4 and 6 key allows you to navigate through the stations!

You can very well listen to fun radio in your cabin in multiplayer without your friends having installed it. However, if your friends also want to listen to NRJ, they must do the same thing.

Authors: Farmer_New_Holland

Incorrect? Let us know!

Download mod (1 KB)
Safe to download: Check 

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