Selectable Bale Capacity Pack V1.3 Baler for FS22

Selectable Bale Capacity Pack V1.3 for Farming Simulator 22
Selectable Bale Capacity Pack V1.3 for FS22


This pack includes modified versions of all the base game Balers that allow you to select a bale capacity of up to 9x the standard bale capacity.

Also included are modified base game Bale Loaders & Bale Wrappers that support the larger capacity bales.

The increased capacities are displayed in the CONTROLS window of the HUD as additional bale size options and can be selected as you would normally select bale sizes.

The Size Options Displayed Are:
120cm = standard. N/A. 122 = 2x, 124 = 4x, 129 = 9x
125cm = standard. 131 = 1x, 132 = 2x, 134 = 4x, 139 = 9x
150cm = standard. 151 = 1x, 152 = 2x, 154 = 4x, 159 = 9x
180cm = standard. 181 = 1x, 182 = 2x, 184 = 4x, 189 = 9x
220cm = standard. 221 = 1x, 222 = 2x, 224 = 4x, 229 = 9x
240cm = standard. 241 = 1x, 242 = 2x, 244 = 4x, 249 = 9x

The bales produced by the 1x, 2x, 4x & 9x bale options as above are set to a max weight of 100kg so are liftable by hand.

NOTE: Due to the modified bale sizes, any Bale Loaders & Bale Wrappers that are NOT modified to support the new sizes will not work.


  • Balers with [LIFTABLE] in the name are removed from the store & have not received any of the improvements from this update, will not affect any of the existing saves, but you should replace these balers ASAP as they will be removed completely in a future update.
  • Fixed issue with Kverneland 7850 C wrapper not dropping bales properly.
  • Fixed issue with the Pack of 14 120cm bales from the Arcusin Multipack D14 only unpacking to 14 standard capacity bales regardless of original capacity. This is not a perfect fix as when unpacked the bales will unpack to 9x capacity bales up to the total of the packed amount of produce. i.e. a 14 pack of 4x grass bales totaling 28000L will unpack to six 4500L & one 1000L bales.
  • Removed 3x capacity & replaced with 9x capacity option. The mod description updated to reflect the changes.
  • Increased operating speed on all balers. Fastball is best on 2x+ capacity bales.
  • Added the MF RB 4160V Protec, Rotana 160 V Combi, MF 2370 Ultra HD & Squadra 1290 UD balers from the game update.
  • Added support for Alfalfa and Clover.


  • Fixed incorrect capacity of the square 180cm 4x straw bales.
  • Updated ModDesc to credit Jos for the original Liftable bales idea (regretfully missed in the last update).
  • Updated New Holland BigBaler 1290 High Density baler to the latest version of xml.
  • Updated CaseIH LB436 HD baler to the latest version of xml.
  • Updated Kuhn SB 1290 iD baler to latest version of xml.


  • Added 2nd set of Balers that will produce liftable 100kg bales at all capacities. [Liftable] is in the baler name.
  • Updated all Bale Loaders & Bale Wrappers to support the Liftable bales.
  • Optimised Fastbale to operate more efficiently with the larger capacity bales (Can cause baler to miss sections of windrow with standard capacity bales)
  • Updated ModDesc version.


  • Fixed incorrect capacity of the 4x straw bales on Massey Ferguson MF 1840 Baler.
  • Fixed RBM2000 bale loader not moving pickup arm to transport position once bales are loaded.
  • Added Vicon Fastbale with additional wrap colour options.
  • Added Farmtech DPW1800 trailer with autoload for all sizes of round bales & square bale sizes of 180 244cm (including the 14 pack of 120-124cm bales).
  • Converted Kuhn SW 4014 wrapper to wrap all sizes of round bales & square bale sizes of 180 244cm.
  • Added more wrap colour options to all bale wrappers & balers with wrappers.

Authors: GH66Mods

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