Pottinger 10010 CL Trailer for FS19

Pottinger 10010 CL for Farming Simulator 19
Pottinger 10010 CL for FS19

Unique power transmission The need for high performance when used in the mountains and with powerful tractors places high demands on the drive elements. In Pöttinger’s new TIZ test center, the drive elements are tested in the toughest conditions. The high-torque fuse proves the qualities of Pöttinger drive technology. PTO shaft
The car is driven via a double-sided wide-angle PTO shaft with a speed of 1000 rpm. and an extended Powerline maintenance interval. The cam overload clutch with a safety torque of up to 2500 Nm enables aggregation with tractors of higher power classes and thus a smooth flow of even a large row.
Input gearbox The robust gearbox with bevel bevel gear is designed for tractors up to 330 kW. The input gearbox divides the power transmission into two sides. The first branch for the drive of the feed roller and the pick-up and the second for the drive of the sorting rollers. Rotor gearbox Sufficiently dimensioned spur gears require no maintenance. The rotor gearbox is mounted on the outside of the rotor shaft, which minimizes the distance between the bearings and thus the load on the rotor pin. The massive cast iron gearbox weighs 160 kg.
Separator roller drive The roller drive is guided by a shaft (diameter 35 mm) under the cover along the right side of the car. The freewheel is also a part of the drive. The rollers are then driven by 2 bevel gears and a chain. The safety torque of the roller drive is 1500 Nm. Floor conveyor The gearbox of the floor conveyor is located in the middle and drives both sides of the conveyor evenly.

Authors: Lsjiracz,Lexik

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