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PS 60A V1.0.0.1

PS 60A V1.0.0.1 for Farming Simulator 19

✔ Cost: 3500 €; ✔ Body volume: 60000 l; ✔ Dirty and washable; ✔ Dynamic hoses and YOU; ✔ Leaves traces; ✔ Dust flies from under the wheels; ✔ Choice of wheels: MTZ, BELSHINA, YA187; ✔ Choice of color: main, rim.


Lizard Titan

Lizard Titan for Farming Simulator 19

Lizard Titan Semi-trailer for transportation of various bulk cargo. Body volume 25,000 liters, price € 32,000.


PST-9 V1.0.0.1

PST-9 V1.0.0.1 for Farming Simulator 19

Tractor tipper semitrailer PST-9 is designed for transportation of various agricultural cargo, grain, root crops, organic fertilizers. Mod features: ✔ The choice of the main color; ✔ Choice of frame color; ✔ Choice of wheel rim color; ✔ Choice of color add. boards; ✔ Configuration add. sides for 12,500 liters; ✔ Choice of wheels: Belshina,…


Barrel Semi-Trailer

Barrel Semi-Trailer for Farming Simulator 19

Mod for a semi-trailer for temporary storage and transportation of liquids with three configurations for FS 19. Specifications: ✔ Cost: 800 USD; ✔ The tanker only transports fuel. Works in industries, refueling equipment; ✔ The milk tanker transports only water and milk. Works in factories; ✔ The universal barrel transports any liquid, it also works…


Notch Bale Trailer

Notch Bale Trailer for Farming Simulator 19

A Mod In Collaboration With Nxtgen Mapping!!! The Notch Bale Trailer! Model from Nxtgen Mapping Udim and Ingame from Appalaches Modding Bale trailer has color options and opening doors. Controls are N for and X opening and closing doors uses vanilla functions for unfolding and tarp. This trailer will work very well with the previously…


Vstr Platform Autoload

Vstr Platform Autoload for Farming Simulator 19

VStR Autoload or Manual Platform for Loading Square and Round Bales Real Suspension Main Colour Settings Secondary Colour Settings Rim Colour Settings Wheel Selection Rear Hitch Selection VStR Square Autoload Platform Price: € 12,000 Capacity: 40 Bales Square VStR Round Autoload Platform Price: € 18,000 Capacity: 54 Bales Round


Isrk-12 Master Version

Isrk-12 Master Version for Farming Simulator 19

Grinder mixer dispenser of feed ISRK-12 “Khozyain” is intended for preparation (regrinding and mixing), transportation and distribution of feed mixtures according to a given program from various components, using an electronic weighing system of the feed mixture. Carrying capacity: 4000 kg. Capacity: 12 cubic meters It is aggregated with tractors of class 1.4. A tractor…


Krampe Dolly 10 L Enhanced

Krampe Dolly 10 L Enhanced for Farming Simulator 19

Dolly 10L Enhanced: This dolly contains two rotating beacons and a license plate Also, the main color and the rim color itself and there are still a few colors of their own in addition, these are also available in chrome. Characteristics: Name: Krampe Dolly 10 L Enhanced Price: 10000 €