FS19 Pontiac Mods

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Pontiac Sunfire 1996

Pontiac Sunfire 1996 for Farming Simulator 19

A mod no one wanted, not even me, could be used as traffic on a map though, adjustable suspension on the go and strappable, has a trailer hitch, took 5 hrs from blender to the game haha (nothing inside the model)

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Pontiac Starchief Safari 1957

Pontiac Starchief Safari 1957 for Farming Simulator 19

Fun Mod, No Detailed Interior, Can Be Made A Gasser Dragster And Pop Wheelie Everywhere, The Rest Is, As Usual, Have Fun ! .. To-Do Wheelie, You Need Both The Wheel Config And Engine Config As “gasser” Tap The Accelerator A Cople Time A Bit And When The Front Start To Bounce, Floor It!

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2002 Pontiac WS6

2002 Pontiac WS6 for Farming Simulator 19

Its a WS6 tons of options and animations. hood opens, windows roll down, trunk opens, t tops come off, and headlights pop up. fixed errors from before and added some more zip to it.

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