FS19 Poland Mods

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Hebdow Map

Hebdow Map for Farming Simulator 19

Welcome to southern Poland. The map is inspired by the highlands of Malopolska. In the map you will find a farm with placeable buildings and an area to build animal pens. The Map Also Has: 6 selling points a vast village forest seasons mask ✔ 73 fields in different sizes and a beautiful Polish style.

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Dolny Perzów

Dolny Perzów for Farming Simulator 19

Welcome to Dolny Perzów is an imaginary map set in Poland. It Is Forbidden To Change The Link And Pretend To Be The Author Of The Map! The Map Has: ✔ 81 pol ✔ fields ✔ Forest ✔ Two purchases for grain ✔ One purchase for wool ✔ Tarktak ✔ Animals purchase ✔ Compatibility with…

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Stara Huta

Stara Huta for Farming Simulator 19

Welcome to Stara Huta! A nice map located in Kuyavian-Pomerania in Poland. On This Map You’ll Find: 3 farms Few sell points Biogas plant Quite lots of forests Sawmill 127 fields 2 new crops(rye and alfalfa) Blueberries which are in forests and can be harvested with special cart and then after unloading picked up with…

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Small Grain Silo

Small Grain Silo for Farming Simulator 19

A small, Polish grain silo is used mainly on very small or small farms due to its size and capacity. Adapted to all basic cereals. ✔ Capacity: 25.100 liters ✔ Price: 10.300 € ✔ Foldable auger and blower ✔ It also has an additional silo to increase capacity, purchased separately ✔ Seasons ready ✔ Maintenance:…

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