FS19 Metaltech Mods

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Metaltech IT 47 Custom

Metaltech IT 47 Custom for Farming Simulator 19

A custom-made hook lift auger wagon was constructed using the Metaltech PP20 as a base model. Due To The Upgraded Augers And Hydraulic Pumps, This Bin Is Capable Of Carrying The Following Fill Types On Top Of The Standard Auger Wagon Fill Types: ✔ Total Mixed Ration ✔ Chaff ✔ Wood Chips ✔ Silage ✔…


Metaltech TS14 / 14000

Metaltech TS14 / 14000 for Farming Simulator 19

Metaltech TS 14: Price: 16 000€ / 19 000€ Capacity: 14 000l / 18 000l Configuration: color, trailer attacher, wheels, window. Metaltech TS 14000: Price: 15 500€ / 18 500€ Capacity: 14 000l / 19 000l Configuration: color, trailer attacher, wheels.