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Axis 402 Meadow Seeder

Axis 402 Meadow Seeder for Farming Simulator 19

This converted fertilizer spreader can broadcast grass seeds or oilseed radish for cover crop planting. Name: AXIS 40.2 Meadow Seeder Working Width: 24 Price: 20000 Brand: Kuhn Category: Seeders

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FC Mower Pack

FC Mower Pack for Farming Simulator 19

This mower package contains three Kuhn mowers: the new kuhn front mower, the new kuhn double rear mower and the new kuhn rear mower These mowers have a realistic sound and the front mower has been made slightly smaller for ease of use on small maps.

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Kuhn TF1500

Kuhn TF1500 for Farming Simulator 19

Scaled to size 0.8 so it can be used with smaller tractors. Wheels removed, automatic lowering disabled. Worklights changed. Otherwise the same as in-game Kuhn.

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John Deere Sprayer Pack V1.2

John Deere Sprayer Pack V1.2 for Farming Simulator 19

Kuhn syringe and front tank skinned on John Deere. Here I have a Kuhn tip with a Kuhn front tank that I repainted in John Deere Style. In addition, I have adjusted the wear and tear, it will no longer break so quickly. Changes: Dynamic pants installed – unfortunately, I no longer know who the…

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