FS19 Bandeirante Mods

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Bandeirante Attacker 20.000

Bandeirante Attacker 20.000 for Farming Simulator 19

Bandeirante auger wagon have a carbon steel structure under resized, to ensure the quality, robustness and durability of the equipment. His painting is made with epoxy powder paint that have greater resistance to wear and corrosion, making his painting more durable, including work with fertilizers. ✔ Auger Wagon feature a modular construction, allowing flexibility in…

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Bandeirante Pack V1.1

Bandeirante Pack V1.1 for Farming Simulator 19

The CHARGER and SCORPION Bulk Grain Line comes to serve a market increasingly focused on maximum efficiency in logistics. ✔ Bumper, ladder and rear signal, ensures safety in operation. Width with greater opening for better cleaning and maintenance. Easy gluing system as standard. –Required power: 210/110 HP –Price: 40000/78000 € –Capacity: 33000/15000 L

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Bandeirante Rasthor V11

Bandeirante Rasthor V11 for Farming Simulator 19

The Bandeirante launch arrives at Farming Simulator, Rasthor V11 is a device specially developed to carry out the soil decompaction, from the surface to the deepest layers.Excellence in dynamometry, great results in the process decompaction and root productivity. Bandeirante Rasthor V11 ✔ Price: €50.500 ✔ Working width: 6.0 m ✔ Power required: 440 hp ✔…

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Bandeirante Raster H9

Bandeirante Raster H9 for Farming Simulator 19

Raster, specially developed to unpack the soil from the surface to the deepest layers. Excellence in dynamometry, great results in the unpacking process and root productivity. Yield, you get a satisfactory Power x Depth ratio. Efficiency at work, less soil removal keeping the straw layer practically intact. Bandeirante Raster H9 ✔ Price: 28000 $ ✔…

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