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FS19 Mod: Anhydrous Equipment Pack (Featured)
FS19 Mod: Anhydrous Equipment Pack

I see people in FB groups looking for this stuff off and on.
So I decided that I would put it all together for the lazy people.
This pack includes a Placeable Anhydrous Tank System.
Tillage equipment are Salford 2100, John Deere 2623, & Nitromaster 8000.
It contains single, double and triple pull behind tanks.
It also includes 2 pup trailers and a bigger tractor trailer tanker.

Everything is under a new catagory called Anhydrous.
If your map has it installed then your in good shape.
If not, you will get errors saying … has invalid fillType ‘ANHYDROUS’.
All equipment will still fill and run with the normal liquidFertilizer fillType.
The error WON’T effect game play.
ENJOY ALL! (the 2623 will have to be unfolded and lowered to attach the pull behind trailers for it to connect).

Authors: ItsPooopFace, SFI Modding, AMD Modding, Fade2Black16, Braindead4554, 812Farmer,
Bennie Bullock, iB055, & Joe “the dentist” Lindberg a.k.a. LBJ Modding.

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Download mod (210 MB)
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