Wilcze Pola By MTN Map for FS19

Wilcze Pola By MTN for Farming Simulator 19
Wilcze Pola By MTN for FS19


The map was created quickly especially for live and smaller games, so please do not expect miracles;)
I seem because I got bored, and maybe someone will catch the eye. The map is also for weak computers, it should be smooth.
There is not much detail on the map, because as I mentioned, the map was made as quickly as I wanted.

On the map, there is NO economies that were shown on LIVE.
All economy buildings are from MH, so you can download and set up.

Wolf Fields:
✔ Map for small machines
✔ Prepared place for taverns
✔ One big point (stores, shop, workshop, gas station)
✔ Purchases: Grain, Beetroot, Potato, Milk, Straw / Hay
✔ Sawmill
✔ Mod Seasons ✔ Ready
✔ Precision Farming ✔ Ready
✔ Water from Hydrants on the map
✔ There are probably 27 fields with meadows in total

Authors: MTN

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