Agris Somme Map for FS2019

Agris Somme for Farming Simulator 19
Agris Somme for FS19


Maps l agris sum
pc and mac compatible / server compatible
✔ main farm cow calves bulls ✔ the water storage is to be filled take water from the pond next to the pigs
and to empty at the farm where there is the water logo similar to the hen
✔ farm cow stall
✔ pig farm
✔ close chickens to open the silo hatch, you have to stand on the small edge to the right of the wall
✔ sheep farm
✔ grain farm
1 bga
not compatible with season mods – presicion mods – manure system
stables are curable except hen and sheep
storage of hot fattened seed herbicide and liquid fertilizer on all my farms except the hens
for liquid fertilizer and herbicide he put a logo for the fertilization my did not find for the herbicide but its in the same place
purchase of hot seed fertilizer and herbicide seed and fertilizer from a cooperative
the mapper called jérémy 16 from 80 and was helped by arsenic modding and sylvain

Authors: agris_somme
vincent le paysan

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