Liebherr 909 – Pack Forklift for FS2019

Liebherr 909 – Pack for Farming Simulator 19
Liebherr 909 – Pack for FS19


! ! ! IMPORTANT ! ! !
This mod does not work without the “SimpleIC” mod from Modelleicher

! ! ! RECOMMENDED ! ! !
For this mod pack I recommend the sound mod “FS19_WorkRPM” Download ZZZ FS19 WorkRPM zip

! ! ! NOTE ! ! !
Since this mod-pack uses eight movable axes, I have included an extra description with tips for axis assignment (Axis assignment.docx)

This mod-pack consists of the Liebherr 909 wheeled excavator and many useful attachments around yard and forest work. There are four branded special paint schemes:

Liebherr Gardening and Landscaping HoT-OnlineTeam Mario Hirschfeld Logistic.

All tools, as far as technically necessary, and the excavator have dynamic hydraulic hoses.

Liebherr 909 Wheeled Excavator:
The type designation 909 is fictitious, in principle this is the

Liebherr A 900 C Litronic (built 2006-2012). However, this mod excavator is heavier and stronger, hence the new type designation.

It has all-wheel drive, animated PTOs and a steerable oscillating axle. Two fold-out support legs stabilize the excavator during operation.

The cab is fully animated with on-board computer, joysticks, pedals, steering wheel, folding armrest, suspension seat and dashboard icons. With “SimpleIC” you can open the door, move the side window, open the skylight and switch on the cabin lighting. There are three camera positions and of course the full lighting program. All attachments can be mounted on the “coupler” and connected with hydraulic hoses.

Blade / Sliding Blade:
The sliding blade can be used as an additional support in excavator operation, as well as for pushing bulk material. Thanks to Collision, it can also be used to push logs, bales and the like. It has animated hydraulic cylinders and hoses.

Note On Usage / FillTypes:

I chose the possible “fillTypes” of the tools as they make sense to me, giving each tool its own raison d’être and right to purchase.
If you play on a multi-fruit map, you have to add the additionally needed “fillTypes” in the respective XML files yourself.
Nobody needs my permission for this, if it is done for purely private purposes.

Bucket / Excavator Shovel:
Classic tool for an excavator with a capacity of 3.0 tons. To be used for grain, seed and fertilizer.

SieveBucket / Dredging Bucket:
Screening bucket with a capacity of 2.5 to. To be used for root crops, manure, silage, wood chips.

TrayGripper / Bagger Bucket Grapple:
Free-swinging tool that attaches to the excavator’s “coupler” using an adapter (just like in real life). With animated cylinders and hoses. The grapple holds 3.2 tons and can be used for grain, seed, fertilizer and mixed pig feed. However, the collision of the grapple buckets also allows you to grab bales, logs and the like.

SieveGripper / Dredge Grapple:
Same as the dredge bucket grab, but to be used for root crops, manure, silage, wood chips, TMR, hay, grass and straw.

BranchGrapple / Excavator Grapple:
Fixed-mount, rotating grapple for all operations on solid materials, such as bales, sawn branches and logs.

LogGrapple / Log Grapple:
Also fixed and rotating, with animated cylinders and hoses. For loading logs, etc.

WoodProcessor / Log Processor:
This mod tool is based on the real harvester head made by TST forestry.
It is unlike some other excavator mod tool not a full harvesting tool.
The trees to be processed must be cut down and on the ground beforehand. The Processor is then used to process the tree trunk, which means delimbing and sawing it into pieces.

When unhooked, the Processor is fixed to a pallet and can be transported with a heavy forklift.

Have fun with this extensive mod pack, which took a good ¾ year to develop and included countless failures.

Farming Simulator 2019 mods LIEBHERR 909

Author: Remraf


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